Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and it’s time to celebrate the festival of love. Celebrate this festival of love with Beautiful, attractive and charming gifts. Shop for Valentine’s day gifts from SendValentineDayGifts and make your loved ones feel special on this day.


No one in this world who don’t like flowers. Different types of the flower have different fragrance. Flower’s are beautiful and bloom in the way that fills our hearts, our minds and our lives with fragrance. Like love doesn’t follow any rule, Rose day doesn’t have a specific way to celebrate it. The only rule is here to show your love and caring to your loved ones. Rose is known as the day when someone could make their feeling is known to the person he/she loved, in a very romantic way. Different colour of roses is used for different feelings, different emotions and for a different relationship.

Propose Day:-

On this beautiful day of valentine week, let us propose in style. You have a crush on someone for a long time? So, now you can express your love to the person you love in this very special day of valentine week. This is the second day of the Valentine week or festival of love. It’s a day when everyone can express their untold love and feel to the person whom he/she loves. A proposal of love in any relationship is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s not only for lovey-dovey hearts but also for those relations which we admire and respect.

Chocolate Day:-

Chocolate! The name filled our mouth with water. Chocolate and love both go hand in hand when you want to express your love in a unique and sweet style then give chocolate gifts to your loved one. The chocolate day is celebrated as the 3rd day of Valentine Week. Gift a hamper with the chocolate gift to your loved ones and show your love to them in a different and unique style.

Teddy Day:-

Valentine is not only about the girlfriend and boyfriend or spouse or lover, but Valentine is all about love, love can be for anyone like Parents, Friends, Relatives, kids, etc. The 4th week of Valentine Week we celebrate as Teddy Day. We celebrate this day by giving beautiful and cute teddy bear to our loved ones. Teddy bear is a symbol of pure love, innocence, cuteness, friendship, sweetness and comfort. Teddy bear is soft toy who discover cuteness and comfort in any relationship. Teddy bear is not only a good gift for Valentine day, but we can gift teddy bear in any occasion. Buy and send Teddy bear to your loved ones form our distinct collection of teddy bears which definitely increase your love.

Promise Day:-

Promise Day Celebrated in Valentines weekday 5. Promise Day is an important day for the couple and for everyone who in love with someone. In this day couples give trust in their relationship. Indeed its a promise for life partner, a promise for true love and a promise for long-lasting relations. The promise is a massage which has a worth meaning, only a committed person can understand the feeling behind promise and also the value of a promise. So, now make your love bonds stronger by making a promise to stay lifelong with your special person. Send best Promise Day Gifts to your loved ones along with best customize quotes.

Hug Day:-

A hug speaks a million of words, it speaks about our love to someone special, and the warmth and affection of a person who is giving you the hug. A hug can give positive vibes. In spite of the fact that occasionally a hug gives us a sentiment of the convention. Sometimes a hug becomes a hug for the lifetime. A hug which is full of Love, Caring and linking to each other. A hug is always an unsaid feeling to someone special.

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